Charlotte Hornets GM Stands Firm on No. 2 Pick Decision

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Charlotte Hornets GM Stands Firm on No. 2 Pick Decision
Charlotte Hornets GM Stands Firm on No. 2 Pick Decision

At a recent pre-draft press conference, Charlotte Hornets' general manager, Mitch Kupchak, shared that the team is likely to leverage its No. 2 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. However, he didn't completely dismiss the idea of trading down.

Trading Down? An Ambiguous Decision Lingers

"I anticipate that we would take the pick at 2, but I'm not going to rule out the possibility that we wouldn't trade the pick," stated Kupchak, alluding to the uncertainty surrounding the coveted draft slot. "It's a very coveted pick in our league right now.

You would be surprised at some of the phone calls and players that I believe would be available. So up until the last minute, we are going listen, but at this moment I do expect to take the pick at 2." While the decision is not final, Kupchak signaled a commitment to adding the most talented player to the team, regardless of how well the potential recruit aligns with the existing roster.

"I don't think we're at the stage where we're good enough to focus on fit," he said. "Next year, knock on wood, we're healthy, we might be getting close where we could look a little bit more to fit. But right now, it's about adding the best player that we could possibly add to the team.

... We're going to take the player that we feel is best for this organization going forward."

A Second Look: Miller and Henderson Impress Again

On the topic of potential recruits, the Hornets’ GM discussed his recent second look at players Miller and Henderson.

Their re-evaluation took place on Monday in the presence of outgoing owner, Michael Jordan. Kupchak admitted that despite the pressure of the workouts, especially with Jordan in attendance, his initial assessments remained consistent.

"I've been looking at these players the whole year," he acknowledged. "The second time around, they were much more familiar with what we were going to do and they gave us their very best in these workouts." However, Kupchak reaffirmed his stance that the team's decision on the No.

2 pick won't be an eleventh-hour scramble: "The No. 2 pick will be made," he asserted. "There'll be no activity -- nothing's going to happen an hour or 15 minutes before the draft. I don't see that." Image by master1305 on Freepik

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