Bledsoe is positive to the test

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Bledsoe is positive to the test

Eric Bledsoe is positive for the Covid-19 test: the Bucks play is one of the Coronavirus positive players absent from the Orlando, Florida bubble, where the 22 NBA franchises are preparing the season-show finale at Disney World, amid doubts and fears about the spread of the epidemic in Florida.

After the first announcements, the NBA stopped adding names to the news of other positivity, appealing to privacy. Now Eric Bledsoe, Milwaukee Bucks play who led the Eastern Conference before the lockdown, to come out: "I have the Coronavirus but I'm fine.

I'm not in Orlando, and I hope to get there soon. I'm asymptomatic and I'm fine. As soon as I will be able to respect the rules imposed by the NBA protocol, I can't wait to join the team in Orlando, "he said.

How NBA teams and players will reach Disney World

Even if there is still some time before the teams arrive, Covid-19 is a problem that NBA has to deal with immediately. After the week of swabs carried out on all the players and staff members who will have to go to the Disney World bubble in Orlando, teams must manage the positive cases found within them, such as L.A.

Clippers with Landry Shamet or the Brooklyn Nets with Spencer Dinwiddie. Here is the NBA protocol to reach Disney World: those who will not be able to travel with the team charter for coronavirus positivity or for mitigating circumstances, such as family circumstances, will have to organize themselves in collaboration with NBA with a private flight, a commercial flight, or driving to Disney World.

In the case of private flight or guide, the player must be negative with two buffers in order to participate in the activities. In the case of a commercial flight, the negative swabs must be three in a row. As for players whose names have not been revealed are positive, players will have to observe 14 days of quarantine and be negative to two swabs before they can embark for Orlando.

In Disney World training camps, players will be able to play five-on-five with their teammates for the first time after months of inactivity. Teams will arrive in groups in Florida, starting Tuesday through Thursday, and everyone will have to observe two days of quarantine.

The first group can begin training from Thursday. The first friendly matches (three for each team) are scheduled for Wednesday 22 July.