LeBron James' retirement may be imminent

The Los Angeles Lakers star said it after the elimination against the Denver Nuggets

by Lorenzo Ciotti
LeBron James' retirement may be imminent

Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in the 2023 NBA Playoffs by the Denver Nuggets 4-0 in the series. In addition to elimination, for the Lakers, but for the entire NBA world, there is the possibility of LeBron James' retirement.

In the postgame press conference, LeBron said he wasn't amused by not playing in the Finals, and that he should think hard about what happened. Speaking to ESPN, LeBron said: "Do I want to continue playing, or do I want to retire? I have to think about it." Rob Pelinka, General Manager of Los Angeles, told: "LeBron has given so much to the game than anyone else, so he has every right to decide whether to give even more or stop and we will give him plenty of time to think, even if of course our hope is that he chooses to continue playing." D'Angelo Russell added: "It would be absurd not to see him on the field again, especially as I have the feeling that he still has so much to offer." Troy Brown Jr.

then explained: "I understand that playing at that level at his age has worn him down physically and mentally and I don't feel like judging his perplexity, but I'm very optimistic because I know how much he loves the game."

LeBron's words after the defeat against Nuggets

James said after Los Angeles defeat against Denver: "AD and I talked a bit in the locker room after the game.

I think we can agree that Denver was one of the strongest teams we have ever met. They are well orchestrated, they have a good roster, they know how to score in the area and from outside. They have intelligence. They are big. They have depth.

And then there is Jokic. Does he make it to year 21 in the league for me? I'm not thinking about next year. I do not know. Is there frustration? Obviously. Mostly for not being able to win a match after proving to be competitive.

In every race of this series we have shown that we are there. We were 15 points up at half time today. They answered us with a partial 36 points, but we answered. Then, we weren't able to close it. This is the frustrating part. We have to tip our hats to Denver though.

As I said, they are a great team. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the roster will look like next year. I think myself, CEO, Max Christie have a contract. Vando has a team option or a player option, something like that… then I don't know who else.

I mean, the roster isn't set yet. Of course, Rob and the front office are in charge of these things: they will figure out the best way to get this team together and come back next season. I don't know, we'll see. I like to play.

I love to compete. I love being on the field for and with my teammates. I think it was special that we had a freshman head coach, a freshman coaching staff, and made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals. I think it's been a fantastic journey for Coach Ham and his coaching staff.

It has been a very busy season for me. That said… I don't know. I do not know. I don't like to say it's been a good year because at this point in my career I only play to win a ring. You know, I don't like just making an appearance in the Conference Finals.

Ok, I got there this year. Well. But it's no fun for me not being able to make it to the finals. Retirement? We will see what happens in the coming months. I do not know. I do not know. I have a lot to think about to be honest. I have a lot to think about to be honest."

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