Jimmy Butler superstar in Miami heat victory over Boston


Jimmy Butler superstar in Miami heat victory over Boston
Jimmy Butler superstar in Miami heat victory over Boston

Jimmy Butler was the main protagonist of the success of the Miami Heat against Boston, in the NBA Playoffs. Butler 22 finishes with 27 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks shooting 12/25 from the field and climbing to the chair as often happens in the clouch moments of the match.

His duel with Grant Williams in the middle of the fourth quarter is the emblem of his race. From there Butler scores 9 points in the final 24-9 run thus condemning Boston to the knockout. A partial final of 24-9 all marked by the exploits of the n°22 of the Heat gives Miami the second consecutive victory on the field of Boston, with the Celtics that in the last quarter burn a lead even in double digits abandoned by their superstars, 1 /7 with three turnovers for the Tatum-Brown duo in the final quarter.

Caleb Martin came off the bench but played 32 minutes, because Spoelstra immediately recognized his player's evening of grace and rode him continuously. He is rewarded with a 25-point performance on 11/16 shooting and 3/7 from long range on a Heat bench that produces 42 points.

Jimmy Butler and Miami DESTROY Boston

The Miami Heat's second win on the Boston field in two games comes at the end of a comeback that also saw them chasing in double figures in the fourth quarter, which the Heat won 36-22 .

Teams in control 2-0 in a best-of-seven series have won 92% of the time and this gives an idea of the difficulty of the feat now for the reigning NBA runners-up, already cornered in the next two games in Florida. Jaylen Brown, who has an even more complicated fourth quarter, which sees him shooting 1/5 and committing a turnover.

His evening is certainly not among the best in his career: in fact, his 16 points come with bad shooting percentages, only two attempted free throws and a plus / minus which is clearly the worst in the team. Difficult to reproach something to a player who finishes with 34 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists, coming close to the triple double, who shoots 10/20 from the field and is close to perfection from the line, with 11/12 with the clock stopped.

But Tatum - his critics will observe - disappears a bit in the final, as evidenced by his figures: he only takes two shots, misses both of them and commits two expensive turnovers.

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