Ja Morant still shows a gun on social media!


Ja Morant still shows a gun on social media!
Ja Morant still shows a gun on social media!

Ja Morant flashed a gun once again on social media. The Memphies Grizzlies player did it during a live Instagram. The Memphis Grizzlies have suspended the NBA star from all team activity after a video was released, which showed the point guard holding a gun.

"We are aware of the social media post involving Ja Morant and are collecting more information," said the NBA spokesman Mike Bass. During an Instagram Live on friend Davonte Pack's account, the All-Star flashed a gun as he drove and sang.

The video has since been deleted, but fans have captured the scene. Morant had committed a similar act last March, where he had shown himself in a Denver club clearly drunk and with a gun in his hand. In that case, the NBA decided to ban the player for 8 games.

Moreover, Morant has been involved in several out-of-court incidents over the past year. This comes two months after the NBA disqualified Morant for a similar incident. The team declined to provide further comment.

About Ja Morant

Ja Morant was born in Dalzell, South Carolina, the son of Tee and Jamie Morant.

His father was Ray Allen's high school partner, before quitting after the birth of his son and becoming a barber. Morant trained in the backyard with his father, who taught him to step-back and bought him tractor tires so he could practice jumping on a soft surface.

Morant also played on the AAU tour with the South Carolina Hornets, playing one season with Zion Williamson, the first draft pick to which Morant made himself eligible. Kevin Durant said about him: "It's a combination of talent that recalls the greats of the past.

Watching Morant on the pitch means observing aspects of the play of two, three or even four Hall of Famer together. From Allen Iverson of course, to the ability to inventing shots at the rim like Michael Jordan and running transitions like Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose, but his ability to use the floater is already on par with the best ever seen in the league.

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