Draymond Green's Determination Saves the Golden State Warriors

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Draymond Green's Determination Saves the Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green's Determination Saves the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green took charge on Wednesday night, determined to prevent the Golden State Warriors' season from coming to an end. With his sights set on setting the tone for his team, Green displayed an aggressive mindset that reverberated on both ends of the court.

"I felt a little disrespected when he said it," Green stated, emphasizing his motivation to prove himself. "I knew it was on me to come out and set the tone for our guys... Season is on the line, backs against the wall. You got to come out and give it all you got.

That was my mindset." Green's unwavering determination was not lost on Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who recognized his exceptional competitiveness. "Draymond is one of the great competitors I've ever been around. So you just expect him to bring it.

I didn't say anything to him. He doesn't need any pep talks from me, that's for sure," Kerr admitted. The significance of Green's impact extends beyond mere words, as Kerr acknowledged a telling statistic. "I think there's a stat somewhere ...

when [Green] scores a certain amount of points, we usually win," Kerr revealed, validating the correlation between Green's offensive contributions and the team's success. The Warriors boast an impressive 43-10 record in both the regular season and playoffs when Green scores a minimum of 20 points.

Kerr further highlighted the transformative effect of Green's aggression, stating, "When he's aggressive like that, looking to attack, it definitely adds another dimension to our team. I loved his approach to the game tonight...

He's like, 'I'm coming.' "

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Acknowledging the relentless efforts opposing teams employ to neutralize the offensive firepower of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Green emphasized the need for the Warriors' supporting cast to step up.

"Just how teams are keying in on Steph and Klay, they're really doing all they can, selling out those guys and trying to take them out of the game," Green remarked. "We get paid a lot of money to do this, so you can't just sit back and watch them...

You got to do something about it." Among those answering the call was Andrew Wiggins, whose performance drew high praise from Kerr. Wiggins, who returned to the court on April 15 after a two-month absence due to a family matter, showcased his best game since his comeback.

"This was the best game Wiggs has played since he's been back," Kerr commended. Recognizing the immense defensive responsibility placed upon Wiggins in each playoff series, Kerr expressed gratitude for having him on the team.

Wiggins' defensive prowess has positioned him as the primary defender against the opponent's star player, which, in this series, happens to be LeBron James. Kerr acknowledged Wiggins' ability to rise to the challenge, remarking, "And thank God we have Wiggs because he can play all night."

Draymond Green Golden State Warriors

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