Joel Embiid and his injury problems

Joel was not short of excuses, but true champions shouldn't be asking for too many excuses

by Sead Dedovic
Joel Embiid and his injury problems

A candlelight vigil was supposed to be held for Joel Embiid at the time. There was no reason why he should not have celebrated the trophy that was awarded to the best in the world after so many laments. There should have been a deification of him by the fans.

As a result, they watched helplessly as the new MVP of the strongest basketball league in the world watched the Boston Celtics teach his Philadelphia 76ers a lesson in the act of playing basketball. In spite of the fact that Embid has just returned from an injury to his knee, someone who has said for years that he has no equal should not appear at his own MVP party with 15 points in his pocket and even seven free throws in his basket.

From the game - four out of nine. Kudos to him as well for his five blocks, four of them in the first half, and tying the NBA playoffs record, but one has to wonder if this was a game worthy of the MVP award. After Embid had been on the court for 27 minutes, during which period Fila went into a minus of as many as 23 points, so when they realized that they had crossed the line of return, they decided to rest their main weapon at the end of the match.


There is no doubt that hurt is a valid excuse. "I was supposed to be out for four to six weeks according to the first forecasts, so the injury has not been fully repaired nor will it be until that time has passed," Embid defended himself.

Joel was not short of excuses, but true champions shouldn't be asking for too many excuses, and he wasn't short of them either. Although he did protect the hoop, he was punished by the Celtics with three-pointers. The pain in his knee made it difficult for him to catch everything, and the attack itself wasn't ideal either because of the pain in his knee.

"I was very passive. But I'll be back. I think I was good in defending the hoop, but those threes... We didn't manage to be in front of the ball. It created rotations, we gave them too many open shots for three, and they used it".

As well as how they are. The Boston Celtics tested Embiid's readiness from the moment he stepped onto the court, cleverly pulling him out of the racket to try to defend the shots that the team in white was hitting from a distance throughout the entire game.

A total of 51 shots were fired for three points, and 20 of them were made. As well as that, there were also those already common moves (read: throws on the floor) that would get on the nerves of any opponent Embiid faced. First there was a so-called flopping, then he was on the ground when Markus Smart "pulled out his chair", after that he staged a very skillfully staged foul by Grent Williams in another situation...

Joel Embiid