Donovan Mitchell wants to become a better passer

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Donovan Mitchell wants to become a better passer

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell wants to further improve his game as he wants to become a better passer when the NBA season restarts in Orlando later this month. Mitchell, the biggest name on Jazz roster, has been the leading scorer of his team this season with average of 24.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

Starting Jazz guard Bojan Bogdanovic will be absent when the season resumes and Mitchell is already trying to find ways to fill the void what will be created by the missing of the Croatian guard. "Becoming a better passer ...

more willing passer. I think getting into the lane, obviously, I get there and take certain shots, but I think, being able to find my teammates," Mitchell said during Thursday's Zoom media availability, as quoted on ESPN.

"Especially with Bojan being out, we're gonna need guys to kind of pick it up and pick up the slack that he had. "Getting [my teammates] easier looks, which then also comes back and makes it easier on myself, but being able to do that I think will not just help me for where we are now, but help me for years upon my career."

Mitchell wants to work on his weaknesses

"The biggest thing for me is not allowing the name I've created on the floor and off the floor to kind of affect the work that I've been doing. Continuing to work on my game, get better as a teammate, better as a leader, better as a player in so many different ways," Mitchell said.

"I think that's really where it starts because it's easy to kind of get what I've been able to get at an early age and early in your career and kind of just chill. I try to do the exact opposite and kind of just focus on myself and the game and let everything else kind of flow the way it has been."

Jazz guard Emmanuel Mudiay has praised Mitchell for the way he has acted during the NBA suspension. "He looks like he's ready, he's in pretty good shape," Mudiay said of Mitchell. "Just talking when we were going through the quarantine, he was just trying to make sure he doesn't let himself gain too much weight, but other than that he's been fine. He looks like he's ready to go, and he looks like he's at peace."