Giannis Antetokounmpo: "This is the most difficult title ever"

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Giannis Antetokounmpo: "This is the most difficult title ever"

One of the most loved and envied show in the sports world is set in a background that lends itself perfectly: Disney World, in Orlando. Ever since the days of suspension of the season began to pile up and the NBA's plan to come back to playing in a bubble at Disney World, Orlando, has become reality.

Many have begun to define 2020 as an asterisk season. A definition that comes from the famous words of Phil Jackson, who defined a title with the asterisk that won in 1999 by the San Antonio Spurs, following the first lockout in the history of the NBA.

The protagonists of today, however, do not want to hear that this title is worth less than the others. One of them is Giannis Antetokounmpo, star of the Milwaukee Bucks: "A lot of people say that this year's title will have an asterisk, but I think the opposite.

This, however, will be the most difficult title one can win, because the circumstances are really tough right now. So whoever wants the most victory will be able to go out and take it." A desire to win that is certainly not lacking in the last NBA MVP, anxious to avenge the defeat at last year's conference finals and play the first Finals in his career, even if in a truly unprecedented situation.

He said: "Everyone is concerned about their health, nobody wants to put themselves at risk. But in the end we follow the directions of the NBA and we will have to do our job. My job is to play basketball, support my teammates and represent the city to the better.

I want to become one of the greatest ever. Who will be mentally better prepared, will emerge victorious from Orlando."

What think othre coaches and players

Coaches and players agree: "This is the toughest season."

The idea that this title is much more difficult than all the other players is also supported by three NBA coaches. The first is obviously Mike Budenholzer, who reiterated his player's words: "Whoever comes out of this experience will be even more deserving and probably more special than any other champion."

A position also supported by Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat: "This will certainly be one of the most noteworthy titles in the NBA for all that each team has had to face and overcome in order to go all the way."

The Los Angeles Lakers also had to overcome many difficulties, such as the tragic death of Kobe Bryant : "Our team has seen a lot of them, but we have kept going and we have always come out facing adversity," said coach Frank Vogel.

"I don't know the situation of the other teams, but if we manage to overcome this situation and reach our final goal, I think this title would deserve an asterisk to underline how much harder it was than normal.

So the asterisk is fine with me, enough that doesn't mean it was easier. " NBA stars in chorus agree on the difficulties of the season.