Golden State Warriors Return to Form in Thrilling NBA Play-Offs

The playoffs of the NBA play-offs saw three scintillating duels take place last night

by Faruk Imamovic
Golden State Warriors Return to Form in Thrilling NBA Play-Offs

The playoffs of the NBA play-offs saw three scintillating duels take place last night, with the reigning champions, the Golden State Warriors, making a triumphant return to the court. In the West quarterfinal, the Warriors reduced the deficit to 1:2 against the Sacramento Kings with a 114:97 victory.

Warriors Dominate in Vital Victory

The Warriors were in control from the outset, displaying dominance in the first quarter and securing a crucial win that propels them back into the play-offs. The team's star player, Steph Curry, rose to the occasion, scoring 36 points with six rebounds and three assists.

Andrew Wiggins also impressed, contributing 20 points to the victory. Despite a valiant effort from DeAaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings, who scored 26 points with nine rebounds and assists, the Warriors proved too strong.

Golden State's Looney and Curry React to Vital Win

Warriors' player, Looney, reflected on the team's performance, saying, “We’re a team with a lot of pride, we know how to respond when our back’s against the wall, we always usually show up.

I think Draymond knew that. Without him playing he knew how we were going to respond. He knew he could count on us to hold down the fort while he’s out. We’re excited to get him back next game”. Curry added, “I like the momentum that we created tonight, we just got to take advantage of it.

We came with the right energy to kind of prove that we can create some life for ourselves. Pretty bluntly if we lost this game it's pretty much over”.

Philadelphia 76ers Secure Third Straight Victory

The Philadelphia 76ers made a significant break in their series against the Brooklyn Nets, securing a 102:97 victory and moving within reach of the conference semi-finals.

The match was marred by an unsportsmanlike move from the likely MVP of the league, Joel Embiid, who kicked Nicolas Claxton in the crotch. Despite attempting to hit Claxton while he was on the floor, Embiid was not ejected from the game.

He commented, “You could see what the game plan was. Got to hit him, try to make me frustrated so I could get ejected. So, I’m too mature to put myself in a position where I’m going to be ejected, so I just went about my business and we got the win”.

James Harden, on the other hand, was later sent off for hitting Royce O'Neale in an awkward spot during a penetration.

Phoenix Suns Make Key Break in Series against LA Clippers

The Phoenix Suns made a crucial break in their series against the Los Angeles Clippers, securing a 129:124 victory and taking a 2:1 advantage in the series.

Devin Booker was the standout player, scoring 45 points, closely followed by the Clippers' Norman Powell who contributed 42 points. Booker reflected on the game, saying, “Those are those trick games, where you think somebody is missing one of their top players and you let off the gas a little bit.

They played their (rear ends) off tonight. The whole team was prepared for that so we didn’t take a step back”.

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