Luka Doncic rips Mavericks' defense after devastating loss to Heat

The Mavericks now have slim chances of making the play-in tournament.

by Dzevad Mesic
Luka Doncic rips Mavericks' defense after devastating loss to Heat

Luka Doncic acknowledged that the Dallas Mavericks did a poor job on the defensive side in a 129-122 loss to the Miami Heat. On Saturday night, the Mavericks suffered yet another disappointing loss and now their chances of making the play-in tournament have become highly unlikely.

“It’s every time the same problem. The offense is fine. But if we give up 130 points in four quarters, that’s hard to win," Doncic said, per The Dallas Morning News. When the Mavericks traded for Irving in a blockbuster trade, they were in a playoff spot.

But instead of improving and getting better, the Mavericks started struggling now they are 11th in the West with a 31-47 record. After the loss to the Heat, Doncic admitted this wasn't the situation he expected after the Mavericks landed Irving.

“Way different. I thought we were going to be up there. But we obviously aren’t, so it’s way different than I thought," Doncic admitted.

Doncic remains hopeful the Mavericks can reach the play-in

The ninth-placed Minnesota Timberwolves are 39-39, while the 10th-placed Oklahoma City Thunder sit at 38-40.

But both Minnesota and Oklahoma own the tie-breaker over Dallas. With four games left on their regular season schedule, the Mavericks appear to have a very slim shot at making the play-in tournament. “Obviously there’s hope, yeah.

I always say you’ve got to hope to the last moment. You’ve got to believe you can make it, so we’ve got to believe," Doncic noted. Meanwhile, Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd urged his player to switch their focus to the team's upcoming game against the Atlanta Hawks.

“We’ve got to start by just focusing in on Atlanta. We’ve got to turn the page and figure out how to get a win there. We can’t worry about winning out. That’s a little too advanced," coach Kidd said. It remains to be seen if Doncic and company can pull off a miracle and make the postseason.

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