Draymond Green reveals what was his goal in heated moment with Brandon Ingram

Green thought the Warriors needed something to get them going.

by Dzevad Mesic
Draymond Green reveals what was his goal in heated moment with Brandon Ingram

Draymond Green felt he needed to do something to revive the Golden State Warriors and that's why he initiated a tense moment with Brandon Ingram. With the Warriors down by 19 on their home floor against the Pelicans, Green lowered his shoulder and shoved Ingram.

That didn't sit well with Ingram and Green ended up receiving a technical foul. "It was perfect. Perfectly executed. We looked dead those first 18 minutes. We had to find some energy somewhere. It wasn't just going to come, especially after losing the game like we did last game; that can carry over.

I felt like it did. I knew we had to do something and do it fast before the game got out of hand," Green said, per ESPN.

Warriors coach: Green willed us to win

The Warriors, who were down by as many as 20, put up a big performance in the second half to claim a 120-109 win.

After the game, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr credited Green's passion for their comeback win. "Draymond willed us to victory tonight. Just the intensity, the frustration early with the way we were playing. Mad at the world, yelling at everybody -- their bench, our bench, me -- and frankly, we deserved it," Kerr said.

Just after a moment with Ingram, Green had a moment with Herbert Jones. Green and Jones got into each other's faces before their teammates separated them. After the game, Stephen Curry noted Green will always have the support of his teammates.

"He knows that guys are backing him up. I'm sure [Green] wouldn't go out on an island like that if he didn't have that confidence. There are times where I got to keep him in check and bring him back in when it's turning in the wrong direction in the sense of staying focused on just winning," Curry said.

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