Kyrie Irving responds to receiving boos from Mavericks fans in Dallas


Kyrie Irving responds to receiving boos from Mavericks fans in Dallas

Kyrie Irving seemingly wasn't fazed by the boos Dallas Mavericks fans delivered to their players during the Charlotte Hornets game. On Friday, the Mavericks suffered a 117-109 loss on their home court to the Hornets. The Mavericks have now lost seven of their last 10 games and Mavericks fans let their players hear it on Friday night.

"You obviously want to play well, but it's only five people on the court that can play for the Dallas Mavericks. If the fans wanna change places, then hey, be my guest. Got years of work ahead to be great enough to be on this level," Irving said, per Fox News.

Irving: We are still adjusting and developing chemistry

Prior to the trade deadline, the Mavericks traded for Irving as they wanted to pair Luka Doncic with another star player. But since Irving joined the team, the Mavericks haven't been playing that well.

The Mavericks currently own a 36-38 record and they are tied with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the final play-in tournament spot at No 10. Now, Irving says they are still building their chemistry. "And we're still feeling each other out in a way of getting used to each other's efforts and attitudes and temperament.

And that's a real thing. That's a human thing. That's a human element. Whether people believe it in basketball or not, there's a very fine line between winning basketball games and everyone being on the same page and losing basketball games and things splintering and pointing fingers," Irving said.

On Sunday, the Mavericks will again be meeting the Hornets. This time, the Hornets will be the hosts. For the Mavericks, this will be an extremely important game as they are now in a position where every game could determine whether or not they make the postseason. It remains to be seen if Irving and company can bounce back on Sunday against the Hornets.

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