Russell Westbrook takes blame: Can't wait for tomorrow after all s--- I did today

Westbrook blamed himself for the Clippers' loss to the Magic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Russell Westbrook takes blame: Can't wait for tomorrow after all s--- I did today

Russell Westbrook took all the blame for the Los Angeles Clippers' defeat to the Orlando Magic. On Saturday, the Magic upset the Clippers 113-108 in Los Angeles. Against the Magic, Westbrook finished with 14 points as he shot 5-of-14 from the field and 4-of-7 from the free-throw line.

Westbrook also had nine assists and five rebounds. The Clippers entered the fourth quarter with an eight-point lead but then ended up losing by a five-point margin. "This one's on me honestly. I could have been better. Started off good.

But just in the second half, was terrible. And I got to do a better job of helping the guys out in the second half and the fourth quarter. So, it's nothing anybody did. But honestly, it's on me," Westbrook said after the game, per ESPN.

Westbrook: Can't wait for tomorrow after the s--- I did today

On Sunday, the Clippers are playing the Portland Trail Blazers on the road. "I can't wait to play tomorrow after the s--- I did [today]," Westbrook said. Against the Magic, Kawhi Leonard didn't play.

In the absence of Leonard, Westbrook and Paul George didn't manage to lead the Clippers to a win. After the Magic loss, George showed support for Westbrook, insisting he will bounce back and be just fine. "He's a professional.

He's a veteran. Top 75 player. He's going to get through it. He knows to stay confident, he knows that we trust him and got his back, that he's going to stay in attack mode. I don't ever worry about Russ' shooting. I just know what he brings and his value to the team.

And that is bigger than anything. He just does so much other stuff that I don't care. He plays hard and that's a guy that I want to roll with," George said of Westbrook.

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