Ja Morant: The gun wasn't mine but it was a terrible mistake


Ja Morant: The gun wasn't mine but it was a terrible mistake
Ja Morant: The gun wasn't mine but it was a terrible mistake

Ja Morant said the gun he flashed on Instagram Live wasn't his but acknowledged that his act was "a terrible mistake." On Wednesday, ESPN published an interview with Morant, which was the Memphis Grizzlies star's first interview since the nightclub incident.

In his time away from the Grizzlies, Morant entered counselling and now insists he is mentally doing much better. "Me personally, I feel mentally good that I haven't been in many years. I'm in a space where I'm very comfortable.

I was constantly talking to therapists. I've been doing Reiki treatment, I'm doing anxiety breathing. Different stuff to help me manage that and release all that stuff from my body," Morant told Jalen Rose during an interview for ESPN, per Basket News.

Morant: It was a terrible mistake

After the incident, Morant agreed to enter counseling and talk with mental health professionals. According to Morant, he is now more willing to open up when he is experiencing a problem.

"I've made a terrible mistake. I've put myself in a bad position. Also, my daughter, there are times when she even tells me that she is having a bad day, and I feel like, if she can tell me that, I could talk with somebody as well," Morant admitted.

Also, Morant claimed the gun flashed on Instagram Live wasn't his. "The gun wasn't mine. It's not who I am. I don't condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I've made a bad mistake. I can see the image that I painted over myself with my recent mistakes, but in the future, I'm going to show everybody who Ja really is, what I'm about, and change this narrative," Morant added.

Meanwhile, the NBA issued an eight-game suspension for Morant - the suspension he has served so far has been included. On Monday, Morant will be eligible to return when the Grizzlies take on the Dallas Mavericks.

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