"LeBron James is doped," the shocking words of foemr UFC star

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"LeBron James is doped," the shocking words of foemr UFC star

"We have the same drug dealer, I know exactly what he's taking. Epo increases red blood cells, thus allowing him to have greater endurance and play at his maximum throughout the game. It is the best substance for increasing performance, cyclists and sportsmen of all kinds they often take it.

When others find out what it does they will say it's not so serious, but they would change their minds if they really knew the effect of these substances." With these words, former UFC star Chael Sonnen accused Lebron James of being a drug addict.

James has not yet responded to the allegations. For now, there has been no response from the NBA star's staff. If true, the situation would be somewhat problematic, especially given the frequency of doping controls in the NBA.

What happened

Chael Sonnen, a former UFC fighter, has accused Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James of being a drug addict. The former champion explained that the NBA champion, to still maintain himself at other levels, despite his 38 years, would make use of Epo.

The substance would serve to increase the athlete's resistance by increasing the presence of red blood cells. Sonnen accused LeBron during a Flagrant podcast where he explains that the two have the same drug dealer.

LaBron's interview

In one of his latest interview, the LA Lakers star told: "Physically I'm fine now, I needed to rest because my ankle was giving me problems and I had to stop for a moment.

I needed a break, I'm not yet in top condition but I'll be better soon. Obviously when you change so many players in a short time time this can have an effect because all of a sudden all the work done in the previous months vanishes." D’Angelo Russell added: "It's nice to have certain moments, it's like I never left.

With LeBron we were more fluid, everyone participated and did a great job to get and defend the lead: I like the game we played tonight. "

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