Draymond Green to Dillon Brooks: "You're a Clown"

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Draymond Green to Dillon Brooks: "You're a Clown"

Draymond Green responded to Dillon Brooks on his podcast episode. Brooks said before about Draymond Green: "I don't like Draymond at all. I don't like Golden State and everything related to them. Draymond talks too much and gets away with it too often.

His game works with Golden State, but if he played on other teams he wouldn't even know each other his name. He plays with heart and plays hard, he knows their defense well, that's probably why they appreciate him." Green replied on his podcast The Draymond Green Show: "You don't know me.

Frankly even I would hate a team that beats me every time. You were just a kid in high school watching us win titles, you're just a fan. You talk a lot now, imagine if I had 4 titles, 4 all-stars, 2 gold medals or a DPOY. I can't get away with it since I have 15 technical fouls, still one less than you, stupid.

If you wonder why Memphis isn't ready to win a title is enough for you to look at this idiot here. This shows how little he knows about basketball. What he says I would expect from a fan, not an NBA player. You keep talking about dynasty, but dynasty will start after you, not with you.

I know a lot of dynasty players and they're not clowns, I know how it works. You don't build a dynasty with clowns."

Other issue about Draymond

Jordan Poole came back, last year, to talking after the punch that took center stage in this last part of the NBA preseason.

Draymond Green, in various interviews and at a specially convened press conference, apologized for his insane gesture and admitted his mistake. Jordan Poole, in the aftermath of the contractual extension signed by the Warriors guard, for 4 years and the beauty of 140 million dollars, has chosen to return to speak to try to definitively close the topic.

He told: "Draymond apologized. Now our idea is to behave like professionals, I have nothing else to add about it: we are here to win and keep raising banner after banner. Thanks to the new contract, every thought about my future, my family and my friends has disappeared: it is nice to know that I can only concentrate on basketball and this tranquility I am sure will lead me to reach an even higher level of play." Draymond Green told: "Wednesday I was wrong.

I apologized to the team and Jordan. After the release of the video I feel enormous embarrassment not only for having committed those actions, but also for what Jordan has to endure, what the team has to endure, what the organization has to endure and Jordan's family as well.

I also apologized to his mother and father for what they had to see. I am a human being with many flaws and I know them better than anyone. I have worked a lot on myself, but there is still a lot to do. Wednesday I was in a really, really bad time mentally: there are things I'm dealing with in my private life that I shouldn't have brought to the field.

I failed as a man and as a leader: I will have to regain the respect and trust of the locker room. The video? I think it's bullshit: the videos of when we try out the patterns don't go public. I've seen the video at least 15 times, maybe more.

And I said to myself: It looks really bad, even worse than I thought. Pathetic. But the video was leaked just to make it look that way. It has been cut to show the moment when I approach him, there is no audio, so he has achieved the goal he had set for himself.

He made me say: It's awful, awful. And what I've done is actually horrible and very ugly based on what you see. I thank the Warriors for launching an investigation: it was not a duty, I'm glad they want to go through with it."

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