Kevin Durant on playing against Kyrie Irving: Just another game

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Kevin Durant on playing against Kyrie Irving: Just another game

Kevin Durant does not seem to be giving too much significance to playing against Kyrie Irving for the first time since their trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Prior to the trade deadline, Irving demanded a trade from the Nets and he ended up with the Dallas Mavericks.

After Irving was traded, Durant also asked the Nets to be traded to the Phoenix Suns. The Nets and Suns then worked out a Durant trade. On Sunday, the Mavericks are hosting the Suns. "Just another game. I understand the entertainment aspect and a lot of people on the outside got the game circled on their calendar, but for both teams, just regularly scheduled programming.

Getting back to work and seeing how you can get better as a unit," Durant said, per ESPN.

Durant on playing against Irving: Not the first time

"We've played against each other before, competed against each other before. But it's all about [the Suns].

I'm sure they feel the same way. It's about putting your best foot forward," Durant added. Meanwhile, Irving had a different reaction from Durant. When Irving was asked about playing against Durant, he admitted that he is looking forward to it.

Also, Irving noted that Durant is his "brother for life." "I'm looking forward to it -- playing against the Suns, playing against the new-look Suns with KD. I think it'll be an exciting time just for us to compete again with each other.

He's my brother for life, but when we're stepping out there, I'm looking forward to the competition, friendly competition," Irving said. Meanwhile, Durant made his debut on Wednesday in a win over the Charlotte Hornets. On Friday night, Durant had 20 points, nine rebounds and six assists in a 125-104 win over the Chicago Bulls. It remains to be seen if Durant can lead the Suns to a win over the Mavericks.

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