Devin Booker not a fan of Suns being labeled 'superteam' after Kevin Durant trade


Devin Booker not a fan of Suns being labeled 'superteam' after Kevin Durant trade

Devin Booker says he is not really a fan of labeling the Phoenix Suns "a superteam" after they landed Kevin Durant. Prior to the trade deadline, the Suns acquired Durant after the two-time NBA MVP asked the Brooklyn Nets to trade him to Phoenix.

With the addition of Durant, the Suns now have four stars on their roster - Booker, Durant, Chris Paul and DeAndre Ayton. But when Booker was asked if the Suns were a superteam, he gave a candid answer. “We only had one All-Star this year, that was KD.

I just don’t do all the titles and stuff, man, that’s for you guys and everybody else. I know we have a really talented group, I think enough to get to where we’re trying to go, and finish what we’re trying to do.

So, that’s my main focus, everything that’s said about us will come, regarding how we finish," Booker said, per Sports Illustrated.

Booker, Durant aim to lead the Suns to the championship

After landing Durant, anything but the title would be a disappointment for the Suns.

When Durant was asked to give his assessment of the Suns roster, he said they have all the pieces to be successful. "I think we got all the pieces to be successful. We got guys that have experienced what it's like to play in that final round.

We got a champion [Suns GM James Jones] already that's overseeing us. Monty's a champion as a coach. So we got guys that been there and that's half the battle, just knowing what it takes," Durant said in his introductory press conference with the Suns.

Meanwhile, Durant has yet to make his Suns debut. Durant, who has been sidelined since early January due to a knee injury, is expected to return to action next Wednesday when the Suns take on the Charlotte Hornets.

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