Russell Westbrook determined to have success with Clippers: Ready for challenge


Russell Westbrook determined to have success with Clippers: Ready for challenge

Russell Westbrook sounded all happy during his introductory press conference with the Los Angeles Clippers. After the Los Angeles Lakers traded Westbrook to the Utah Jazz, it was heavily expected that Westbrook would get waived by the Jazz.

Clippers star Paul George reached out to Westbrook, making it clear they wanted him on their roster. After Westbrook agreed on a buyout with the Jazz, he signed with the Clippers. "For me, it's just finding my way to be able to help other guys.

It's something I truly embrace, and that's what I will do -- make sure I can make the game easy for all these guys that are here, find out their spots, what they like, what they don't like. And that's going to be a process for me, but I'm ready for the challenge and looking forward to it," Westbrook said, per ESPN.

Clippers coach wants Westbrook to be himself

Westbrook, the 2017 NBA MVP, didn't enjoy a successful stint with the Lakers. In his season and a half with the Lakers, Westbrook didn't look like his usual self and it was evident that he was doubting himself on the court.

Now that Westbrook is with the Clippers, his new head coach Ty Lue wants the 2017 NBA MVP just to be himself. "If he's doing too much or not enough, I'll let him know. But we want him to be the player that he is, the MVP, the Hall of Famer, everything he brings every single night.

We want him to be that person, that player. And then we've just got to make sure that it's in the confines of our team and what we're trying to do teamwise," Lue said. A couple of years ago, Westbrook was teammates with George on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

George loved playing with Westbrook in Oklahoma and it wasn't a surprise that he wanted to reunite with Westbrook. It remains to be seen if the Westbrook, George and Kawhi Leonard can lead the Clippers to a championship.

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