Gilbert Arenas: If Suns don't win, it would be biggest failure for Kevin Durant

Arenas believes Durant has a strong group of guys around him and needs to deliver.

by Dzevad Mesic
Gilbert Arenas: If Suns don't win, it would be biggest failure for Kevin Durant

Former three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas believes not winning a championship with the Phoenix Suns "would be the biggest failure for Kevin Durant." Prior to the trade deadline, Durant asked the Brooklyn Nets to be traded to the Suns - the Suns granted him his wish.

The Suns - who already had a star-studded team with Devin Booker, Chris Paul and DeAndre Ayton - now also have one of the biggest names in the game on their roster. Durant and Booker are one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA and Arenas believes they will be a deadly combo.

“Chip, chip with the dip. I don’t even know why we’re playing. This is not even a question. You have [Durant and Devin Booker] that’s capable of 50, 60, 70 [points]. Both half-court players. Both mid-range players.

Both players you can’t actually play one-on-one, they’ll eat you alive," Arenas said on his podcast, per The New York Post.

Arenas: If Durant doesn't win, this would be the biggest failure for him

“They were having trouble scheming just for Devin Booker himself.

Now you just added arguably the best scorer in today’s game right now. … Then you have —who can argue — the best assist-to-turnover ratio guard in NBA history in Christ Paul. If they don’t win, f--- the Nets’ group, this would be the biggest failure for Kevin Durant," Arenas added.

In early January, Durant suffered a knee injury. Because of the injury, Durant didn't make his Suns debut before the All-Star break. However, Durant is progressing well and he should be making his Suns debut shortly after the All-Star break.

Two years ago, the Suns made the NBA Finals before losing to the Milwaukee Bucks in six games. Now, they have an even better roster on paper and anything but a championship would be considered a failure for the Suns.

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