Chris Paul excited to play alongside Kevin Durant: He is like family

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Chris Paul excited to play alongside Kevin Durant: He is like family

Chris Paul says he is extremely grateful to have Kevin Durant as a teammate and noted the Phoenix Suns need to do their best to make the most out of their new star trio. Prior to the trade deadline, the Suns traded for Durant after the two-time NBA champion asked the Brooklyn Nets to trade him to Phoenix.

Now with Paul, Durant and Devin Booker on their team, anything but the championship would be a failure for the Suns. "It's different. It's taken some getting used to. I was telling [Devin Booker] the other day, I played with a lot of great players -- I got a chance to play with Blake [Griffin], I got a chance to play with David West early in my career, I played with James [Harden] -- [but] probably never two guys of this caliber, as far as Devin and KD.

I know I'm not taking it for granted. I told [Booker] not to," Paul told ESPN.

Paul 'grateful' to have a chance to play with Durant

Paul, 37, and 34-year-old Durant have had a good relationship for many years. Now, they playing on the same NBA team for the first time in their career.

"I know, know KD, you know what I'm saying? We done talked for years, worked out, all this stuff. It's wild. Everything happens for a reason. KD is like family. So now, to get an opportunity to play alongside him in this capacity, I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity," Paul added.

Durant, who hasn't played since early January due to a knee injury, is expected to make his Suns debut after the All-Star break. Currently, the Suns are the fourth-best team in the Western Conference with a 32-27 record. Durant has two rings to his name and the Suns are hoping he is what they need to get over the hump and win their championship. It remains to be seen if Durant can be the one who will lead the Suns to their first NBA title.

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