Devin Booker: Suns went from being laughingstock to Kevin Durant asking to play here

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Devin Booker: Suns went from being laughingstock to Kevin Durant asking to play here

Devin Booker believes Kevin Durant asking to be traded to the Phoenix Suns shows far the team has come in recent years. When Booker first arrived in Phoenix, the Suns were "the laughingstock of the NBA." After Kyrie Irving demanded a trade and got traded by the Brooklyn Nets, Durant went to the team's management and asked to be traded, preferably to the Suns.

"We built something that the league has picked up on. We were probably the laughingstock of the NBA about four or five years ago, and just turning that around to something serious to championship contenders is a quick turnaround for us, so we take a lot of pride in what we've built here.

For us to be a destination that Kev wanted to come to is a big sign of that, to show respect of what we've done so far. We still have more to do, but we're moving in the right direction," Booker explained, per ESPN.

Booker looking forward to sharing the court with Durant

On January 8th, Durant suffered a knee injury.

Since then, Durant hasn't played. However, Durant is expected to be ready to play after the All-Star break. "You can't put it into words, man. It's just all feeling. Looking forward to post-All-Star break when we actually get the chance to compete with each other.

I've never gotten to do that besides the Olympics with Kev, so it's exciting times around here," Booker said. Meanwhile, the Suns defeated the Sacramento Kings 120-109 on Tuesday night. Following their win over the Kings, the Suns have improved to 32-27 on the season.

With that record, the Suns are the fourth-best team in the Western Conference standings. In 2021, the Suns made the NBA Finals before losing to the Milwaukee Bucks. Now with Durant on the team, the Suns certainly feel confident they can go a step further and win it all.

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