Marcus Smart recalls his reaction when he was only Celtics member to test positive

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Marcus Smart recalls his reaction when he was only Celtics member to test positive

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart feared the whole team would be coronavirus positive after attending his birthday party but in the end he ended up being the only player from the team that tested positive. On March 11, just before the between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz, center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus and the NBA called off the game and suspended the season.

Five days before Gobert tested positive, the Celtics played the Jazz and the whole Celtics team had to be tested after Jazz center Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. "For starters, my experience with the coronavirus was definitely one for the books.
Exactly five days before the league shut things down, we just happened to play Rudy Gobert and the Jazz … and my girlfriend threw a surprise birthday party for me with all of my teammates present," Smart said in his contribution post for The Players' Tribune.

"So when the news came down about the shutdown, and about everyone in the league getting tested, I already had a bad feeling. Between that Jazz game and my party, it was like … Our whole team is gonna test positive.

And to top it off, the kicker was that we were in Milwaukee at that point. Staying in … yep, you guessed it … that creepy-ass haunted hotel they have there. "Now not only is the season on hold, not only might our whole team have the coronavirus because we’d all hung out at my birthday party, but also … we have to quarantine and spend an extra night in what is basically a haunted house from Scooby-Doo."

Smart was completely shocked after only his test returned as positive

At the time, no Celtic players were feeling symptoms but still Smart had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. "When we finally made it back to Boston and got tested, none of us had any symptoms, but I figured bad news was coming for us," Smart continued.

"Then one morning my phone buzzes. It’s a text from our team physician.
'Hey, Marcus. Can we talk?' "I knew right away what he was gonna tell me. "I felt fine, though, so I was completely confident that I would beat the virus.

I wasn’t scared. I was ready for it. "What I wasn’t ready for was … our doctor calling me up and telling me that I was the only damn person on the whole team who tested positive. "Literally. "The.

Only. One. "Out of all of us – players and coaches and managers and … everyone. "Just Marcus is positive? "Like…. "Excuse me?" Shortly after, Smart's 74-year-old dad -- who has a long history of respiratory issues -- also tested positive for the coronavirus but he recovered without feeling any symptoms.