Jonathan Isaac plays first game in two and a half years: All glory to God


Jonathan Isaac plays first game in two and a half years: All glory to God

Jonathan Isaac, 25, played his first game in two and a half years and later admitted there were days when he was thinking about putting an end to his basketball career. In 2020 August, Isaac tore his ACL in the bubble. On Monday night, Isaac suited up for the Orlando Magic in their 113-98 win over the Boston Celtics.

"There were days where I was like I don't know if I want to keep going. But then again, I have to thank Christ. Being able to go back to my faith and say God has me on this journey for a purpose. I know that I was made to play basketball.

I was made to give glory to God on this stage," Isaac said, per ESPN.

Isaac had a good performance

In his first game in a very long time, Isaac played nine minutes. In those nine minutes, Isaac had 10 points, three rebounds and one assist.

Shortly after entering the game, Isaac drained a shot over Jaylen Brown. "Shout out to Coach Mose for drawing one up for me. It was supposed to really be a catch and a jumper but they played it well and it was just me and Jaylen.

So I just said get something and I was able to get to my turnaround. I really like that shot. When it dropped I was just like, 'Thank you.' Just get that out the way," Isaac said. In his first game back, Isaac had a good performance and the Magic won.

After the game was over, Isaac revealed what was going through his mind moments after his first game back. "Relief and peace. Peace like, 'God, you got me.' I appreciate it. He truly is faithful. I just want to thank Him. Because this night could have gone so many ways and for it to go the way it did, I appreciate Him for it. So there's a peace, a relief to it, so let's keep going," Isaac reflected.