Dejounte Murray hits out at Tony Parker: Refused to mentor me and left Spurs

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Dejounte Murray hits out at Tony Parker: Refused to mentor me and left Spurs

Dejounte Murray called out Tony Parker as he said that the former NBA Finals MVP refused to mentor him and left the San Antonio Spurs when told about the team's plan to start Murray over him. After the 2017/18 season, Parker left the Spurs after 17 seasons to play for the Charlotte Hornets, Following Parker's departure, Murray became the Spurs' starting point guard.

"I started growing, first year goes by, thrown into the fire in the playoffs versus the Rockets. Then my second year, they see I come back, obviously getting stronger, better. That was the year I took the job from Tony. [Gregg Popovich] brought us into the office, he told Tony.

Tony ain't like it. I know he didn't like it, because if he liked it, he would've mentored me the way he should have. He wouldn't have went to Charlotte, he would've stayed right there," Murray said on the All the Smoke podcast, per CBS Sports.

Murray thought Parker refused to mentor him

Stephen Jackson, the co-host of the All the Smoke podcast, also played for the Spurs in the past. During his conversation with Murray, Jackson acknowledged Parker's greatness as a player but also added that the former NBA Finals MVP was "very selfish." "I know the type of person Tony is.

Great player, gonna go down in the Hall of Fame, but he's very selfish. He's been selfish, we would've had more championships and more success if it wasn't for him being so selfish...He's one of the most selfish players I've ever played with," Jackson said.

Meanwhile, Murray is now in his first season with the Atlanta Hawks. On the other side, Parker retired from pro basketball after one season with the Hornets. Last season, Murray made the NBA All-Star team for the first time in his career. So far this season, Murray has been averaging 20.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 6.1 assists.