John Wall: Wizards fans are still angry about Russell Westbrook trade

In 2020 December, the Wizards traded their long-time star Wall for Westbrook.

by Dzevad Mesic
John Wall: Wizards fans are still angry about Russell Westbrook trade

John Wall says some Washington Wizards fans are angry about the fact that he was traded for one season of Russell Westbrook. In 2020 December, the Wizards agreed to trade Wall to the Houston Rockets in an exchange for Westbrook.

Wall, the first overall pick of the 2010 NBA draft, spent his first decade in the NBA representing the Wizards. Westbrook, who the Wizards acquired believing he was the guy they needed to compete for a championship, left Washington the following year as he wanted a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wall: Wizards fans are still mad I got traded for one season of Westbrook

“I’m just like, ‘Damn, this s*** really happening. I’m really leaving a place where it’s home. I’ve been here for ten years.’ City mad as s***.

I’m talking about, they’re still mad as hell. Because basically you got Russ for one year and left. What’d you do that for? You know what I mean? And it’s funny because I had a turkey drive three days before that.

Media asking me all questions and s***, I’m just playing the politic game. I gave out like 2,000 turkeys and all the fans are like, ‘Don’t leave us! Don’t leave us!’. I’m like, ‘It’s out of my hands.

I can’t control it.’ At some point you just can’t control certain s***. You can own up for your mistakes, but s*** happens. Not too many people touch the community. And when you touch the community and touch the people that really ain’t got s*** that’s really from the city, not moved there," Wall said on the Tidal League podcast, as quoted on Talk Basket.

Meanwhile, Wall didn't really get much of a playing time during his time with the Rockets. This past offseason, Wall signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers are led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and those two wanted Wall with the Clippers. Wall agreed to join the Clippers and he seems to be happy where he is now.

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