"Doping tests? They always do it to me," said Ja Morant


"Doping tests? They always do it to me," said Ja Morant
"Doping tests? They always do it to me," said Ja Morant

The anti-doping tests that are carried out randomly among the players of the various NBA franchises, which however ends up this season more often to involve, but Ja Morant said they alway do them to him, joking. Not the first time that the Grizzlies All-Star jokes about the subject, as happened in example last November, when following the umpteenth performance he explained that the NBA also wanted to see clearly about his performance and that's why they had asked him to take an anti-doping test.

Morant talked about the anti-toping tests he is subjected to in the NBA, joking during an interview and saying how these tests are always done to him. The Memphis All-Star, wrote on social media in the past few hours: "I have already undergone six doping tests this season: today I arrive at the arena and find out that it's up to me again." As a playmaker, he has excellent ball control, but above all a great vision of the game that makes him an excellent passer.

He is good at pick & roll as well as open field due to his athleticism. Due to his style of play he has been compared to Russell Westbrook, who he has stated is his favorite player. Brooklyn Nets basketball player and MVP Kevin Durant has compared him to Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, Russell Westbrook, Steve Nash and Derrick Rose.

Morant was born in Dalzell, South Carolina, the son of Tee and Jamie Morant. His father was Ray Allen's high school partner, before quitting after the birth of his son and becoming a barber. Morant trained in the backyard with his father, who taught him to step-back and bought him tractor tires so he could practice jumping on a soft surface.

Morant also played on the AAU tour with the South Carolina Hornets, playing one season with Zion Williamson, the first draft pick to which Morant made himself eligible.

Ja Morant

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