Allen Iverson: "I wanted to be scary like Michael Jordan"

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Allen Iverson: "I wanted to be scary like Michael Jordan"

Allen Iverson, in an interview with GQ magazine, spoke about his main source of inspiration: Michael Jordan. He said: "I learned from Mike. I always thought of him as a superhero. He was my idol. This man was my hero. I remember crying when the Pistons beat him in the playoffs.

My mom had a TV on a chest of drawers and I sat very close to the screen to see it better, you know what I mean? My mom would say to me: Take a step back before you go blind! That's how much I loved him. I wanted to be so close to him.

He gave me the vision of being a basket player. I wanted people to look at me like him. I wanted to be feared like him. I wanted to be popular like him. I wanted to be in game situations like him. I wanted to dominate like him. I wanted to be the guy who comes on the court and blows everyone away no matter who the opponent is.

There was a painful moment in my rookie year."

Allen Iverson: "I wanted to be scary like Michael Jordan"

The then added: "We were playing the Bulls and I remember Jerry Stackhouse wrestling Mike and Scottie Pippen. I was on the free throw line.

I didn't even take part in the little verbal altercation. And Scottie said something like, If you don't respect anyone, you'll respect us. Me, 21, young and confident, all I said was: We won't respect anyone. From the outside they exaggerated the situation by saying that I didn't respect Michael Jordan.

A strange narrative has been built around me. I've tried to put all my favorite players into one. I wanted to jump like Mike, pass like Magic, be fast like Isiah, shoot like Bird, rebound like Barkley, be dominant like Shaq.

I learned about crossover from another person in college. I was playing with a boy from New York, Dean Berry. He was a walk-on player who wasn't drafted by the university, didn't have a scholarship, didn't even have his name on the back of his uniform. But he was fast and he had this crazy crossover."