LeBron James criticizes the Lakers, to then repents!

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LeBron James criticizes the Lakers, to then repents!

In an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic, LeBron James criticized the attitude on the NBA transfer market of the Los Angeles Lakers, who have not made any roster changes so far. LeBron told: "You all know very well what should happen: I don't need to talk about it." A little later LeBron James on Twitter corrected his statements with the same journalist.

He wrote: "Hey Sam, actually my patience isn't running out. You've made me look frustrated, when I'm not at all. I've told you a thousand times, I'm totally focused on the guys who they share this locker room with me: my job is not to take care of the team roster.The reality of our conversation was this, and what I said I said with the utmost respect for everyone and with absolute calm, because this is today my mood.

And by the way, please: we're 5 wins in a row!" In a further interview with ESPN, LeBron talked about his future and his love for basketball: "I knew I was ready. I knew I belonged to the best league in the world, but I didn't know what to expect.

I was very nervous, I didn't know how I would scored my first basket. It was a difficult basket actually, but I was so tense, I didn't want to fail or disappoint people. Let's just say I know how to score. When I say I'm not a scorer it's because it's never been anything about I base the way I play… but it's debatable.

Just think how long this record is left or Kareem himself able to do something like this. But it won't be me doing it, I never have. I don't have a signature moves like Nowitzki's one leg fadeaway or Michael Jordan fadeaway or Kareem's sky hook or dream shake.

I guess the only thing is my one hand dunk in transition. I want to win. I don't like it set records if I lose… how are you I love doing now being a team under .500 (with more losses than wins). We've been playing good basketball lately, but we want and want to win at the highest level. Setting or breaking records while losing has never been in my DNA."