LeBron James: Breaking or setting records in losing has never been in my DNA

James reflects on what's really important to him.

by Dzevad Mesic
LeBron James: Breaking or setting records in losing has never been in my DNA

LeBron James has underlined that winning comes at the first place for him and not individual records and personal accolades. James, who turned 38 a week ago, is on the verge of breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring record 38,397 points.

While many expect James to break one of the most stunning records in all sports, he sat down with ESPN's Dave McMenamin to reflect on his career and underline what is really important to him. James, who is widely considered one of the greatest players in basketball, is a 10-time NBA finalist and has four rings to his name.

But the Los Angeles Lakers haven't had much success since James led them to a championship in the bubble, in 2020. The Lakers currently own an 18-21 record, the 12th-best in the Western Conference.

James: I want to win and that's who I have always been

"I want to win.

[The losing is] not sitting well with me. I don't like having accomplishments, and it don't feel right, when it comes in a losing effort. So as we sit here right now as a franchise and as a team that's below .500 -- we've been playing some good basketball as of late, but we want to and I want to win at the highest level.

Breaking records or setting records or passing greats in a losing effort has never been a DNA of mine," James told ESPN in an exclusive interview. Even though James is now 38, he is still one of the most dominant players in the game.

"To be able to go out and still be a focal point of my opponent's scouting reports lets me know I'm still playing at a high level. I want to continue to play at a championship level and still be respected every time I touch the floor as a threat throughout whatever minutes I'm playing," James noted. It remains to be seen if James can enjoy postseason success with the Lakers this season.

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