LeBron James: "I feel like I'm 18"

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LeBron James: "I feel like I'm 18"

LeBron James, on his 38th birthday, led the Los Angeles Lakers to victory against the Atlanta Hawks, with a game of 47 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, touching a legendary triple double. Before the Atlanta game, LeBron averaged 27.8ppg, ninth in the NBA.

Against the Hawks it exploded into a special day for him to become only the 4th player of that age to score at least 45 points. Like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamal Crawford. In the press conference after the match, he himself admitted that he still feels good physically and psychologically, saying without too many filters: "I feel like I was 18.

I make sure my mind and my body are in shape. Until I'm keeping mentally, my body will go. I knew I had to take care of both of us for this game, to win in Atlanta. It's always been good to play here."

Russell Westbrook on LeBron James

Russell Westbrook meanwhile commented on the Los Angeles Lakers' win against Denver.

In the press conference they said he became the first Lakers player capable of sending two triple-doubles off the bench. He said: "Our energy in the second half made the difference, the rhythm changed. When we play like this it becomes difficult to beat each other.

I try to do everything possible to help those around me improve, I know what I'm capable of on the pitch I live for moments like these, I play basketball to see my teammates do well and see the joy in the eyes of Thomas Bryant, Austin Reaves, Lonnie Walker IV.

We can build on that. The feeling with LeBron depends on several factors: the position in on the pitch, his excellent coordination work on the parquet. On the counterattack I know he's one of the best and when he takes a run-up the opponents can do little. My job is to make his game easier."