Kyrie Irving explains how coach Jacque Vaughn's presence impacts Nets

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Kyrie Irving explains how coach Jacque Vaughn's presence impacts Nets

Kyrie Irving says head coach Jacque Vaughn's attitude and demeanor have played a big part in the Brooklyn Nets' recent success. On November 1st, the Nets announced their decision to fire head coach Steve Nash. Initially, the Nets promoted Vaughn to the interim head coach and were searching for Nash's replacement.

But after seeing how the Nets were playing with Vaughn at the helm, the Nets decided to end their search and name Vaughn as the team's new head coach. Now, the Nets have won 15 of their last 16 games.

Irving on coach Vaughn: He acts like a leader

"He gives you an ease.

When you come into the locker room nothing's forced, he's not too high or too low. He's just holding himself to a high standard, exemplifying what a leader should look like. So as our head coach, as our leader, I've been able to learn some things from him.

And that's just being able to have relationships with everybody and being able to get the best out of everybody. And that's been a lesson for me; I felt like this year was just learning how to get the best out of everybody instead of trying to do it all yourself or trying to overthink the game.

We've got good pieces in that locker room, a good coaching staff. The level of play should raise and it should get easier," Irving said of Vaughn, per ESPN. On New Year's eve, the Nets defeated the Charlotte Hornets 123-106.

Following their latest win, the Nets improved to 24-12. Now, the Nets have climbed up to the second spot on the Eastern Conference standings. The Celtics are the only Eastern Conference team with a better record than the Nets - the Celtics sit at the top spot of the Eastern Conference with a 26-11 record. On Monday, the Nets are hosting the San Antonio Spurs.

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