LeBron James: I'm a winner and I want more championships

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LeBron James: I'm a winner and I want more championships
LeBron James: I'm a winner and I want more championships (Provided by Sport World News)

Lebron James says he doesn't have an exact number on how long he intends to play pro basketball but noted that his main priority at this stage of his career is just to win. James, who will be turning 38 on Friday, is still a dominant force in the NBA as this season he has been averaging 27.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 6.6 assists.

"I don't have a number. I know as long as my mind stays in it, I can play at this level for a minute. Now, that's up to my mind. My body is going to be OK because if my mind is into it, I will make sure my body is taken care of and I'll continue to put in the work," James said, per ESPN.

James: Winning is all that matters

Even though James is still playing at a high level, the Los Angeles Lakers haven't been winning that much this year as they own a 14-21 record. After winning the NBA championships in the bubble, the Lakers missed out on the playoffs in back-to-back years.

If they don't figure a way to start winning more, they could miss on the postseason for the third consecutive season. "I'm a winner, and I want to win. And I want to win and give myself a chance to win and still compete for championships.

That has always been my passion. That has always been my goal since I entered the league as an 18-year-old kid out of Akron, Ohio. And I know it takes steps to get there, but once you get there and know how to get there, playing basketball at this level just to be playing basketball is not in my DNA.

It's not in my DNA anymore. So we'll see what happens and see how fresh my mind stays over the next couple years," James said. The Lakers got on a winning streak in late November and early December but then Anthony Davis sustained a serious injury.

A few days ago, James admitted that Davis' absence has been negatively impacting the team. James is a four-time NBA champion and many believe he would like to tie or surpass Michael Jordan's six NBA titles.

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