Kevin Durant on 2022 NBA Finals: Hated they made it about me

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Kevin Durant on 2022 NBA Finals: Hated they made it about me

Kevin Durant reveals he was bothered by people mentioning his name while watching the 2022 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. After Durant joined a star-studded Warriors team in 2016, he drew lots of criticism as some felt he took an easy route toward winning his first title.

After winning back-to-back titles with the Warriors in 2017 and 2018, Durant made another NBA Finals with the Warriors in 2019 before joining the Brooklyn Nets. Last season, the Warriors made their first NBA Finals since Durant left and they beat the Celtics in six games to win the title.

After the Warriors went all the way, some were talking about how the Warriors were able to win without Durant.

Durant: I hated that they made it about me

"I can't lie: Watching the Finals, I knew so many people would turn their focus on me once they won.

I was like, I hate that they won, because y'all not going to make it about them; it's going to be all about me. I think it's just a childish way of looking at that experience. I feel like you can take it all in and appreciate what they did and not even talk about me.

I was just sitting at home. But I get how it is," Durant told The Washington Post. After Durant rquested a trade from the Nets this summer, the Warriors were mentioned as a team where Durant could end up. In the end, Durant rescinded his trade request and returned to the Nets.

This week, Durant noted that his trade request was what cost the Nets' a Christmas game. “Knicks-Nets would’ve been a perfect matchup on Christmas, hopefully we can get that going forward. I probably am responsible for us not playing on Christmas because of what went on this summer," Durant said.

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