Kevin Durant: I looked at thought, 'Damn, I got 39'

Durant reacts to exploding in a win over the Pistons.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kevin Durant: I looked at thought, 'Damn, I got 39'

Kevin Durant admitted he kind of lost track of how many points he was scoring once he got in the zone against the Detroit Pistons. On Sunday night, Durant had a game-high 43 points in the Brooklyn Nets' 124-121 win over the Pistons.

Durant exploded in the third quarter, scoring 26 points. That was Durant's all-time high in a quarter. In the end, Durant knocked down 14-of-22 of his shots from the field and he also drained 12-of-13 of his free-throw attempts.

"I usually know how many shot attempts [I have]. But when I forget that's when I really know I'm super, super in the zone. I don't know for sure what my shot attempts or my points are. I felt like the ball was coming to my hands so fast so I couldn't even process it in my mind and I looked up, 'Damn, I got 39.'

I didn't think I had that much. But it was good to get back in the game and give us some momentum and energy," Durant said after the game, per ESPN.

Durant, Kyrie Irving led the Nets to a win

Irving also had a big game for the Nets, scoring 38 points.

When both Durant and Irving explode on the same night, it is almost impossible for the Nets to lose the game. "Numbers show. When we're out there it doesn't necessarily feel like that because he makes it look so easy or he gets it in a myriad of ways -- when he gets on stretches like this, you want to play well alongside of him, that's really how I feel.

I want to play well alongside him," Irving said. With their win over the Pistons, the Nets have extended their winning streak to six games. Now, the Nets own a 19-12 record. In their next game, the Nets will be hosting the Golden State Warriors.

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