Suns coach on Devin Booker: Only I could've stopped him by taking him out

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Suns coach on Devin Booker: Only I could've stopped him by taking him out

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams was absolutely impressed by Devin Booker's performance versus the New Orleans Pelicans. On Saturday night, Booker dropped a game-high 58 points to lead the Suns to a 118-114 comeback win over the Pelicans.

With just over seven minutes left in the third quarter, the Pelicans took what appeared to be a very comfortable 24-point lead. Then, Booker went on a major scoring run as he scored 25 consecutive points for the Suns. "The only person that could've stopped him tonight was me by taking him out the game," Williams said, per ESPN.

Booker: I got in the zone

Once Booker got going, the Suns didn't think much who should be the one shooting. "I was just making shots, man. I've been in a bit of a slump and just gotta keep shooting. That's what I live by. I was put in the right situations to make the right plays.

I usually just want to make the right play every time, but once I get it going a little bit, you know shooting over a hand, it is the right play," Booker said. By scoring 58 against the Pelicans, Booker became just the 10th player in NBA history to have had at least three 55-point performances.

Booker joined the list that includes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. "I think for me, I don't take it for granted. I know how hard it is, you know what I mean? Having games similar to that, not 58, but when you just got it going like that and you just want the ball and you know every time you're gonna make it a play.

So I appreciate it because I know how hard it is to consistently do that when everybody on the court knows you're gonna get the ball," Booker said. Following their win over the Pelicans, the Suns now own an 18-12 record. It remains to be seen if Booker can have more big performances in the upcoming games.