James Harden: I’m one of the people that changed the game

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James Harden: I’m one of the people that changed the game

James Harden has underlined that he "cares about winning" and added he feels he is one of the players that changed the game. Harden, 33, was named the NBA MVP in 2018 and he is also a three-time NBA scoring champion and a 10-time NBA All-Star.

When it comes to personal accolades, Harden is one of the most accomplished players from his generation in that area. However, he doesn't have an NBA championship in his resume. Throughout his career, Harden has faced certain criticism as some believe that the star guard is more focused on his own stats than winning.

“So, of course, I care, but people are going to talk no matter what. But I care about, like, winning and things that are important and matter. I don’t care about things that don’t matter, that are gonna be a story for 24 or 48 hours and then go away.

I’m one of the people that changed the game of basketball. Honestly, the only thing that I’m missing is a championship," Harden told Yaron Weitzman of Fox Sports.

Harden on being teammates with Joel Embiid

Earlier this year, Harden indicated that he wanted to leave the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets didn't want to force anything with Harden and they traded the star guard to the Philadelphia 76ers prior to the trade deadline. The 76ers did make the playoffs, but they didn't make it far as they were beaten by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

But this time, Harden and Embiid had an offseason to work together. Now, Harden is committed to finding ways to help the 76ers win a title. "It's trying to figure out ways we can make each other better. Getting my shots, but also trying to make Joel's job a lot easier so he doesn't have to go against two to three guys every possession, because I know how that feels," Harden said. The 76ers own a 15-12 record through their first 27 games of the season.

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