LeBron James on Lakers losing thriller to Celtics: We gave ourselves a chance

The Lakers fell just short of completing a big comeback win over the Celtics.

by Dzevad Mesic
LeBron James on Lakers losing thriller to Celtics: We gave ourselves a chance

LeBron James noted he loved the effort the Los Angeles Lakers showed even though they failed to complete a big comeback win over the Boston Celtics. In the third quarter, the Celtics were up by as much as 20 points. Then, the Lakers went on an 18-0 run.

With just less than four and a half minutes left in the game, the Lakers had a 13-point lead. Just when it seemed the Lakers would pull off a big comeback win, the Celtics came back to force an overtime. In the end, the Celtics won 122-118.

"We gave ourselves a chance to win. We didn't close it out. But loved our effort. I loved our tenacity in the second half and put ourselves in a position to win a ballgame playing against a great team," James said.

James and company fell just short of a big comeback win

With 28 seconds left in the game, the Lakers were up by two and Anthony Davis had two free throws to put the Lakers up by four.

Davis, who is usually a great free-throw shooter, missed both of his free throws. "I haven't thought about the rest of the game. Make two free throws, go up four, different ballgame. To me, the rest doesn't matter. Had a chance to ice the game and missed both," Davis said.

Even though the Lakers lost, Russell Westbrook refused to be negative, instead vowing to continue fighting and giving his best every night. "If you're a competitor, you should believe. But I can't speak for everybody. I know for myself, as long as I'm, God willing, able to compete, then I'll do that till it's all said and done.

But I'm pretty sure guys believe. It's just about creating some consistency across the board," Westbrook said. Following the latest loss, the Lakers have fallen to a 11-16 record. The Lakers play next against the Denver Nuggets on their home floor.

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