LeBron James: "My game has changed"

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LeBron James: "My game has changed"

LeBron James is playing the first month and a half of his 20th NBA season. Kareem Abdul Jabbar's all-time leading scorer record is getting closer game by game and the Lakers season may not be as bad as one might expect. James, thanks to his technical and tactical skills, no longer needs a super athlete's physique to dominate on the pitch.

He said: "My game has evolved, I no longer have to rely solely on my athletic abilities as I did in the past. For almost all of my career my physique has allowed me to always stay one step ahead of the others but in recent years I have realized that to keep up with the younger generation I would need to broaden my game."

About the controversy with Irving

After Kyrie Irving's issue, episodes emerged from the American sports world dealing with racial inequality.

LeBron James referred to one in particular, in the press conference after the victory against the Blazers. Jerry Jones, current owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team, when a group of black kids were denied entry to North Little Rock High School by a group of white students, including Jones himself.

LeBron said: "I wonder why no one is asking me questions about that photo, as opposed to everything I've been asked about Kyrie. As a Black man and athlete and someone who has a medially powerful platform, I think when something goes wrong or that people don't agree with, it appears in every tabloid.

I feel like the situation involving Jones has been covered up and moved on. Disappointed I didn't get any questions from the media." ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins also echoed James' speech, stating that his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate is the only non-NFL professional athlete to have exposed himself about Jerry Jones, which he did not.

neither Tom Brady nor other champions of the football league of the caliber of Aaron Rodgers have done as some NBA athletes, such as LeBron himself, have done with Kyrie Irving.