LeBron James reveals how he feels about Anthony Davis' recent play

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LeBron James reveals how he feels about Anthony Davis' recent play
LeBron James reveals how he feels about Anthony Davis' recent play (Provided by Sport World News)

LeBron James described Anthony Davis' recent performance as "straight dominance." On Sunday night, Davis had another brilliant performance as he dropped a game-high 55 points in a 130-119 road win over the Washington Wizards.

Also, Davis grabbed 17 rebounds against the Wizards. Two nights earlier, Davis exploded for 44 points in a big road win over the Milwaukee Bucks. After starting the season with a 0-5 record, the Lakers are now playing much better as they have won eight of their last 10 games.

Davis has been a big reason why the Lakers have been winning a lot lately. "He's been unbelievable, man. On both sides of the floor. I mean, playing like the MVP of this league. Just straight dominance," James said of Davis, per ESPN.

James didn't give up on Davis

After struggling with injuries in the last two seasons, Davis also struggled a bit at the start of this season. But James was there to encourage Davis that the better days would come. "I think we all need to be reminded sometimes.

No matter how good you are, no matter what you've got going on in your life, we all need to be reminded sometimes why you're here and what your capabilities are and how much we believe in each other. Me, as a leader of the team, it's part of my job to make sure, to reassure AD how great he is, how great he is in this league, not just for this team, but for this league," James said.

Davis has been playing great lately and Lakers head coach Darvin Ham says staying healthy is the key for the big man. "The first and foremost thing is his health. I think he's feeling great, his body is feeling great. He's had a few back issues early on, but he's worked his way through them, and you can just see it in his face, as well as see it in his play.

He's having fun playing the game of basketball pain-free. And the guys know it. They know I make him a top priority in terms of who we need to play through," Ham said. Also, Ham underlined that the Lakers need Davis to play at this level in order to compete for the championship.

"He's totally picked up the torch and he's running with it. And he's bringing us along for the ride. It's totally great to see," Ham noted.

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