LeBron James comments on Russell Westbrook getting bloodied versus Spurs


LeBron James comments on Russell Westbrook getting bloodied versus Spurs

LeBron James underlined that Russell Westbrook's health is more important than basketball after helping the star guard during the Los Angeles Lakers' win over San Antonio Spurs. In the third quarter of the Lakers and Spurs game, Westbrook's face was left bloodied after he took a shot to the face.

After Zach Collins hit Westbrook, the star guard seemingly wanted to confront the Spurs big man but James stepped in and pulled Westbrook away from Spurs players. "His health is more important than the game of basketball.

So just tried to stop that and let the training staff do their job after we got him over to the bench. I actually saw the cut right when it happened once he got up off the floor and wanted to, uh, wanted to do something to Zach," James said after the game, per ESPN.

After checking the replay, Collins was handed a Flagrant 2 foul while Westbrook received a technical for his reaction. Westbrook wasn't impressed by the officials giving him a technical even though he was the one that took a hard shot.

Westbrook on getting a technical

"I was confused on that one myself. I wasn't sure why I got one, but I'll check with the league and talk to them about it and we're figure out why that was. Maybe it was because I probably hopped up or something.

I'm not sure," Westbrook said. Fortunately, Westbrook was able to finish the game and the Lakers beat the Spurs 143-138. "Once I'm bleeding all over the place I was able to calm down and take care of that and I moved forward," Westbrook added.

After the game, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham spoke about how beautiful it was to see James and Westbrook having such a teammate moment. "That's what togetherness looks like. Being there for your teammate. [Westbrook] takes a shot to the head and you don't want to escalate the situation.

You want to try to calm him down. You got a guy with blood all over his face who is understandably upset and just having Bron there, it shows a brotherhood. We need that type of image, that action, that belief in one another.

We need that to represent us as a team and as a franchise," Ham said. The Lakers now own a 7-11 record following the win over the Spurs.

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