Anthony Davis provides details from Lakers' team meeting

The Lakers held a team meeting after starting 2-10.

by Dzevad Mesic
Anthony Davis provides details from Lakers' team meeting

Anthony Davis revealed the Los Angeles Lakers had a team meeting during which everyone voiced their opinion as they were determined to figure out what was the problem and then try to fix it. After starting the season with a 2-10 record, the Lakers held a team meeting last Saturday.

The following day, the Lakers put up one of their best performances of the season as they defeated the Brooklyn Nets 116-103 to improve to 3-10. Davis had his best game on Sunday night as he scored 37 points and grabbed 18 rebounds.

"We had conversations that a team that was 2-10 should have, you know? About what each player can do better, what we were going to do better collectively. Coaching staff. Medical staff. Everybody. We just wanted to figure this thing out leading up to the day of the Brooklyn game.

And it worked out for us," Davis said, as quoted on ESPN.

Davis on how the Lakers' team meeting went

"Lot of emotions. Guys voicing their opinions. Some back and forth. But it was all for the nature of trying to get better. So even though it might be a back-and-forth, it was, 'OK, I hear what you're saying, you hear what I'm saying.

So now, what's the solution?' Instead of just constantly butting heads. So it was some good dialogue," Davis explained. Patrick Beverley, who was traded to the Lakers this offseason, is well-known for his emotional and passionate approach to the game.

Davis explained Lakers players knew that Beverley just wanted to help the team when he started voicing his opinion on the situation. "You got to listen, you can't hear what they're saying, you got to listen to what they're saying.

You can't [think], 'Oh he's yelling, so now I'm going to get closed off.' When someone's trying to help you, we know we're all in it for one goal and that's to win. So you got to take the message and not the tone of the person's voice.

The main guy who a lot of us had to get used to for that was Pat. But he gives good messages. And he said this thing one time, he was like, 'If I yell I LOVE YOU, you're not going to get mad, you know what I'm saying?' So, listen to the message and not the tone," Davis said of Beverley. On Friday, the Lakers are hosting the Detroit Pistons.

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