Anthony Davis explains how Packers inspired his play versus Nets


Anthony Davis explains how Packers inspired his play versus Nets

Anthony Davis revealed that watching the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys inspired him to go out and help the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Brooklyn Nets. On Sunday, the Packers recovered from a 28-14 deficit to beat the Cowboys 31-28 and end their five-game losing streak.

After watching the Packers game, Davis had 37 points and 18 rebounds as the Lakers defeated the Nets 116-103 to end their five-game losing streak. "I was watching the Packers game before and Aaron Rodgers threw a slant to Allen Lazard, he ran for like 40 yards.

And he started [screaming] and flexing and all that, and it got me some motivation before the game. Just trying to dominate. Be dominant. Knowing that we had to get this win, knowing that a lot of guys -- especially with [LeBron James] out -- a lot of guys lean on me to try to get the job done," Davis said.

Davis torched the Nets

Davis shot 25 from the field against the Nets and made 15 shots. Also, Davis went 7-of-7 from the free-throw line. "I was trying to get to the paint and score inside, knowing that they had limited shot-blocking.

When you set the screen, our guards attack downhill, attack [Nic] Claxton or [Markieff] Morris and just put it on the rim. They miss, then I have a guard on me, so I have a chance for an opportunity for an offensive rebound and get a score there," Davis explained.

The Lakers, who are not playing again until Friday, wanted to beat the Nets and end their losing streak before their break. "We wanted to win tonight, for sure. Let us feel good going into this off week before Friday's game.

It gives a chance for guys to kind of get away from the game for a couple days and reset and come back with a mentality that we got to run off some [wins] in a row," Davis added. Before the Nets game, Davis had a conversation with Lakers coach Darvin Ham.

The Lakers now own a 3-10 record. "Had a real good conversation with [Davis] after our last game, our last loss. And he just said, 'I got your back, Coach.' And that was huge for me being a first-time head coach and having a player of that magnitude just constantly try and do everything you ask him to do," Ham said of Davis.

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