Joel Embiid reacts to scoring 59 points in win over Jazz

Embiid exploded on Sunday versus the Jazz.

by Dzevad Mesic
Joel Embiid reacts to scoring 59 points in win over Jazz

Joel Embiid refused to take all the credit for the Philadelphia 76ers' victory over the Utah Jazz after scoring 59 points. On Sunday, Embiid dropped a career-high 59 points along with 11 rebounds, eight assists and seven blocks to lead the 76ers to a 105-98 win over the Jazz.

"This is not about me. We did it as a team. Obviously, the coaches put me in those positions and my teammates fed me the ball. I thought we had great spacing around everything we were doing. Like I said, all the credit goes to my teammates," Embiid said, per ESPN.

Late in the fourth quarter, Jazz star Lauri Markkanen missed both free throws after Embiid had a few words for him. After the game, Embiid was asked what did he say to distract Markkanen. "I told him. I kind of lied, because Arthur [Embiid's son] is already sleeping, so I told him I had to put Arthur to bed.

So, you'd better miss those free throws. We don't need to go to overtime. I did lie, because Arthur, he goes to bed, every single day, 7:30, he has to be in bed. But I just told him I had to put Arthur to sleep and make sure we didn't go to overtime," Embiid revealed.

The 76ers decided to just give the ball to Embiid

Embiid was absolutely clutch in the fourth quarter as he scored 26 of his team's 27 points. Also, Embiid shot 7-of-8 from the field in the fourth quarter. After the game, 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey jokingly revealed how the 76ers decided to just give the ball to Embiid.

"It's funny. I was like, at one point, Coach was trying to run a play, like a pick-and-roll play, and I was like, 'Let's get the ball to Joel.' And he was like, 'I agree.' Because he's really good right now," Maxey said. Meanwhile, P.J.

Tucker said he was more impressed by Embiid's effort on the defensive end. "What's more impressive is the defense. Being there protecting the rim, being there, low man, consistently all night. To me, that was bigger than all the points he scored, just the things he did on defense.

He communicated better today, and I think that stuff takes a little bit more even on offense because he's so in tune with the game," Tucker said.

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