Stephen Curry reacts to exploding for 40 points in win over Cavs


Stephen Curry reacts to exploding for 40 points in win over Cavs
Stephen Curry reacts to exploding for 40 points in win over Cavs

Stephen Curry said there were no secrets to his fourth-quarter takeovers as he noted stuff like that happens when you are being aggressive. On Friday night, Curry dropped 40 points as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 106-101.

In the fourth quarter, Curry scored 18 points to propel the Warriors to a five-point win. "I classify it as being aggressive. Obviously, shots have to fall, but it's about having aggressive attacks off of pick-and-roll, getting other guys involved, getting to the paint and finishing, coming out shooting.

A lot of confidence carried over from our playoff run last year. It's understanding the balance of playmaking and scoring," Curry explained, per ESPN.

Curry hoping his form helps the Warriors win more games

Statistically, Curry is having an outstanding start to the season as he has been averaging 33.3 points and over six rebounds and six assists per game.

Even though Curry has been playing great, the Warriors are just 5-7 after their first 12 games. That's one of the reasons why Curry doesn't want to speak too happily about his form as he is just hoping it helps the team win more games.

"Considering our struggles early and how we're trying to get over the hump as a team, it's nice to know you can will your way into big games like that to help us get some solid momentum. We'll see how long it lasts," Curry added.

On Friday night versus the Cavaliers, the Warriors were down by three after the third quarter. Then, Curry took the ball in his hands and took over the gam. "At the end of the day, Steph is going to carry the majority of the load offensively.

That's just who he is and what he does. No need to panic or get weary now. But I think guys are starting to find their rhythm and it'll all come together. It's a process," Draymond Green said. Meanwhile, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was full of praise for Curry following the star guard's latest performance.

"He's just amazing night after night. Given the circumstances with our team kind of in a rut, trying to dig our way out of a hole, he's just been spectacular. He's never been better, I can say that," Kerr said.

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