LeBron James weighs in on Anthony Davis' lack of shots versus Cavs

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LeBron James weighs in on Anthony Davis' lack of shots versus Cavs

LeBron James acknowledged that Anthony Davis has to touch the ball if the Los Angeles Lakers want to have success. On Sunday, the Lakers suffered a 114-100 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on their home floor. Davis got off to a strong start, knocking down 4-of-5 of his shots as the Lakers won the first quarter 36-30.

In the second half, Davis attempted just two shots and made one field goal as the Lakers were outscored 56-36 in the second half. The Lakers are now 2-7 and are on the path to have another disappointing season. "Obviously, it starts with AD and getting him more touches.

Our focal point is and always should be to make sure he touches the ball throughout the course of possessions, quarters, halves," James said, per ESPN.

James, Russell Westbrook on Davis not getting many touches

After the game, the reporters wanted to know whose responsibility it was to ensure Davis gets touches.

Russell Westbrook, who is now coming off the bench for the Lakers, was asked if it was his responsibility to get Davis the ball. "I don't know whose primary job it is, to be honest. I'll leave it up to the coaches to figure out the best way for them to utilize him.

When I'm in, I do the best job I can in making reads, try to make the game easier for him when I'm in," Westbrook said. Meanwhile, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham noted the Lakers have many actions on which Davis can be featured.

"These guys are not rookies. We have a playbook. We have a menu and a bunch of sets where AD can be featured. You have to just be organized," Ham explained. Also, Ham underlined that Davis has his permission to demand the ball when he feels he should do that.

"He's got my blessing to scream out, call his own number. We tried to get him going, tried to get Bron going on some post actions and some step-ups and pick-and-roll stuff. It's not like we're not trying. And sometimes the game dictates things to go in another way.

They go on a run and then we're trying to play faster to try to possibly score more. So it's a lot of different variables that go into that. It's not like, 'OK, you're just not calling plays for AD.' That's not the case," Ham added.

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