Myles Turner advises Lakers what they need to amid rough start to the season

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Myles Turner advises Lakers what they need to amid rough start to the season

Myles Turner has advised the Los Angeles Lakers to contact the Indiana Pacers and revisit the trade talks they had over the offseason. In the offseason, the Lakers contacted the Pacers as they were interested in trading Russell Westbrook for Turner and Buddy Hield.

The Pacers were interested in trading Turner and Hield to the Lakers but the deal fell apart because the Lakers weren't willing to attach their future two first-round draft picks. With the Lakers standing at 1-5 and clearly lacking great shooters, Turner suggested he and Hield could be what the Lakers need.

"If I'm the Lakers, I take a very hard look at this with the position that you're in. I know what I can provide for a team -- my leadership, my shot-blocking, my 3-point ability and just my ability to make plays out there on the floor.

And I take a very long look at it. But as far as pulling the trigger, I get paid to shoot. I'm not paid to make these calls, so I couldn't answer that," Turner said on The Woj Pod, per ESPN.

Turner on the Lakers' being reluctant to trade their draft picks

"We all know picks are so valuable in this league, and someone like myself, I'm heading into the last year of my deal and you want to make sure you're getting a return for your assets," Turner added.

Turner, who has been in the NBA since 2015, has only played for the Pacers so far in his career. Indianapolis isn't really a big sports market, while the Lakers are one of the biggest names in the sports world. "I just feel like here in the Midwest we don't get the love that I think we deserve.

It doesn't get taken on the national level. You are under the microscope out there at the West. When you are doing bad, you're going to hear about it. When you are doing great, you are going to get a lot of love, especially with the love that the Lakers get.

I think that another aspect that is [appealing is] playing with greatness and playing under LeBron. I feel like he demands a certain level of excellency, especially at this point of his career. It's just one of those things; when you are out there, you got to perform.

People are going to expect you to go out there and hold on to that legacy that the Lakers have built over the years," Turner explained.