Kyrie Irving defends Ben Simmons amid public criticism

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Kyrie Irving defends Ben Simmons amid public criticism

Kyrie Irving was fed up with the criticism directed at Ben Simmons following Simmons' another rough outing. On Wednesday night, Simmons had four points, five rebounds, nine assists, two steals, and two turnovers in the Brooklyn Nets' 110-99 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Simmons, who made his Nets debut at the start of this season, has yet to score over 10 points. Also, Simmons fouled out in two of the Nets' past three games. "You guys keep coming in here asking me like, 'What about Ben?' He hasn't played in two years.

Give him a f------ chance," Irving said after the Nets' loss to the Bucks per SNY. "We stay on his s---. We're just here to give him positive affirmations while he's out there and just let him hoop." Irving preaches patience with Simmons It's not only that Simmons has struggled at the start of the season, the rest of the team hasn't shined either as the Nets stand at 1-3 through their first four games of the year.

"While (Simmons) is hooping and getting back into it, we're going to have to really gel as a team in order to learn how to win as a group," Irving said. "It's not an individual's job to go out there and be Superman. He doesn't have to.

There's no such thing. It's made up anyway." With Irving, Simmons, and Kevin Durant on the roster, the Nets are viewed among the top teams in the league. Before the start of the season, Irving spoke extremely highly of the Simmons addition.

"That level of talent, and IQ and motivation and drive -- anything's possible. He has that 'it' inside of him so now we just have to slowly develop him where he knows that he can just go out there and be himself. We want him to be his highest potential of himself As a player, be able to accomplish things out on the floor that he wasn't able to do the last few years.

And just have some fun being at peace around him. Having a point guard 6-10, 6-11, I'm also a point guard, lead guard, whatever you want to call my position. It's good to get off the ball and have him get up and down the floor.

It's going to take time obviously for health-wise, but we're patient, so just wait for him to look like he's in All-Star form again, which I know will happen soon," Irving said.