Anthony Davis shares thoughts on Lakers' poor start to the season

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Anthony Davis shares thoughts on Lakers' poor start to the season

Anthony Davis admitted that the Los Angeles Lakers are feeling a sense of urgency following a poor start to the season but noted the team has to stay "even-keeled." The Lakers, who finished last year with a 33-49 record and didn't even make the playoffs, have started this season with a 0-3 record.

Many feel that the Lakers are dealing with the exact same issues that were the problem last year. However, Davis insists the team can't start panicking amid a rough start to the year. "Obviously, there's some sense of urgency.

You don't want to dig yourself too big of a hole. But we've got to stay even-keeled. We can't get rattled or flustered and things like that. Just like if we win 12 in a row. We don't want to get too high," Davis said, per ESPN.

Davis keeping a positive spirit

Davis feels the Lakers will benefit from an early-season adversity.

"We think all this 'adversity' is going to be good for us. We're glad it's happening in October and not March or April. But we'll make shots, continue to defend how we're defending and try to go in [Wednesday] and Friday and get a win," Davis explained.

One of the big reasons why the Lakers are 0-3 is their poor shooting percentage. The Lakers have been absolutely disastrous from beyond the three-point line as they are the last in the NBA in that category. So far this season, the Lakers are shooting 21.2% from beyond the arc.

The Minnesota Timberwolwes, who are the second worst team from beyond the arc statistically, are shooting 28.7%. It's clear that statistically, the Lakers are by far the worst team from beyond the arc. "Down the stretch, our shot selection was very poor.

We've got to get good shot selection," Davis noted. However, there is one bright thing in the Lakers' play so far this season - their defense. The Lakers maybe haven't still won a game, but statistically, they have been one of the better teams in the league.

"We're continuously learning each other. The good thing about is we're playing defense, ranked third in the league in defense. In all the statistical categories, we're top-10. We just got to keep pushing. Keep our head down and move forward with the mindset we're going into Denver tomorrow to get a win," Davis said. The Lakers are playing the Denver Nuggets on the road in their next game.